Our Story


Origin Earth is a Hawke’s Bay based and owner operated company. We recognise the value of products that have been produced on biologically active soils. All milk we use can be traced to the farm, the paddock and the animals of origin.

We produce fresh milk, (not homogenised), pot set yoghurt, low-fat cream cheese, and a range of cheeses.

In Hawke’s Bay there are around 45,000 dairy cows. Nearly all the milk produced leaves the province and can travel 350km to the opposite side of the North Island for processing.

Milk is a fragile liquid. The appropriate and minimal handling of milk from the time it leaves the animal is imperative. We make no apology for taking a tender approach to working with the raw milk – this is reflected in our products.

The Origin Earth factory is close to the farmer who supplies our milk. Small batches are picked up by our own staff and brought to our Havelock North plant. Once at the factory, milk is crafted into cheese, pot set yoghurt or fresh milk, to ensure it retains all the goodness and taste that farm staff, animals and soil biology, worked so hard to achieve.

Our fresh milk is available to you just hours after the morning milking.

A new range of products is now being crafted from sheep milk. The  sheep are a small flock of East Freisians based less than 50km from our factory. Our farmer, farms using the biological soil management principals on which Origin Earth is based.

No Origin Earth milk products are standardised, homogenised, stabilised or separated. They have no emulsifiers, thickeners or milk powders added. What you purchase are  products made from milk straight from the animal.

We liken ourselves to top wine makers. The grape grower expertly grows grapes and the winemaker expertly makes wine from those grapes. Even the most experienced winemaker has difficulty making good wine from bad grapes. Milk quality is exactly the same!

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