Takenga Gold (Semi-soft Dutch-style Cheese)

Gruyère –styleSilver_70This is a young creamy cheese which has a wonderful elastic texture and an intense slightly nutty flavour. This is a great melting cheese, which is matured for just four to six months. It adds a distinctive, but not overpowering taste to many dishes.

As when serving all cheeses, for best flavour, allow Dutchee to come to room temperature before serving.

Use Takenga Gold in the following ways: on a platter; in sandwiches – both toasted and untoasted; on top of and in baked dishes such as macaroni cheese, lasagne, quiche and soufflès; fondues; grated in or over salads and pasta dishes.


Try Takenga Gold with the following beverages: sparking white wines and Champagne; full bodied whites such as chardonnay; riesling; fruity reds such as pinot noir and merlot; fortified wines such as sherry, port or tokay; cider and beer.

Where to buy: Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market each Sunday 8.30am to 12.30pm; Origin Earth Shop, open seven days; and selected outlets around the North Island.

Nutritional Information (calculated)
Ingredients: Hawke’s Bay cows’ milk, cultures, coagulant, salt
Serving size: 20g
Average per 100g

  • Energy                                  1180kJ
  • Protein                                  21g
  • Fat                                        22.1g
    saturated                                    15.6g
  • Carbohydrates                     0.2g
  • Sodium                                 340mg
  • Calcium                                540mg

Nutritional values vary seasonally.

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