Cow Camembert-style Cheese

Cow Camembert_CutcThe velvety white rind of Bronze Medal 2016our cow Camembert-style cheese conceals a buttery yellow centre.

This style of cheese was first made by a farmer, or his wife, in the region of Camembert in Northern France. It is the use of a special culture, Penicillium Candidum, which encourages the growth of the characteristic downy white bloom on the surface of the cheese.


Our Camembert was born out of our desire to produce a New Zealand soft white rind cheese that does not have overwhelming ammonia characteristics. We aim for our cheeses to be ripe right through to the middle, with a little white mould left on the outside with the resulting cheese having a soft and creamy centre with a white mould that gives just a hint of mushroom flavour.

Treat your Camembert like you would a good red wine – to fully enjoy its full flavour, make sure it is at room temperature when serving.

Try camembert with the following foods: almond bread; apples; crusty bread; dried fruits; figs; fruit bread; grapes; ham; nectarines; nuts – all kinds; pears; and strawberries.

Try camembert with the following beverages: sparking white wines and Champagne; full-bodied whites such as chardonnay; fruity reds such as pinot noir; ‘sticky’ dessert wines such as botrytis, riesling or semillon; fortified wines such as muscat, port or tokay; and cider.

We make our Camembert-style cheese in wheels of three sizes with our baby wheels weighing around 160g, the small wheels about 300g and larger ones about 1Kg.

The medium wheels are ideal for a gathering and the babies are the perfect gift. We also have cut wedges available.

Where to buy: Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market each Sunday 8.30am to 12.30pm; Origin Earth Shop, open seven days; and selected outlets around the North Island.

Nutritional Information (calculated)
Ingredients: Hawke’s Bay cows’ milk, cultures, coagulant
Serving size: 20g
Average per 100g

  • Energy                                  1180kJ
  • Protein                                 21g
  • Fat                                          22.1g
    saturated            15.8g
  • Carbohydrates                  0.2g
  • Sodium                 340mg
  • Calcium                540mg

Nutritional values vary seasonally


Radicchio, Bacon & Camembert Bagel

Radicchio, Bacon & Camembert Bagel


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