Reduced-fat Cow’s Milk

Reduced-fat MilkIn spring 2015 we added reduced-fat milk to our range of products. Unlike some other reduced-fat milks, nothing is added, all we have done is remove some of fat and we do this completely naturally.

Using gravity we allow the milk to naturally separate – we call it gravity separation – then skim the cream off leaving behind a milk with less than 1% fat.

Where to buy: Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market each Sunday 8.30am to 12.30pm; Origin Earth Shop, open seven days; and selected outlets around the North Island.




At this time ‘Fill your own Bottle’ is not available for this milk.

Nutritional Information
Ingredients: Hawke’s Bay cows’ milk

Average per 100mL serve
Energy                  166kJ
Protein                 3.93g
Fat, total              0.89g
Saturated             0.44g
Carbohydrate      4.7g
Sodium                 41mg
Calcium                160mg

Nutritional values vary season to season

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