Fresh Cows’ Milk



Origin Earth’s fresh cow’s milk is just that… fresh milk from cows farmed in Hawke’s Bay on healthy biologically rich soils.

Our milk does not travel out of Hawke’s Bay to be processed. Within hours of collection, our fresh milk undergoes the absolute minimum processing that is legally required outside of the farm gate in New Zealand.

Origin Earth milk is pasteurised, but not homogenised, which means that just like old-fashioned milk you will notice some cream separation. Shake the bottle before pouring, to mix in the cream or pour it off to enjoy on your porridge, breakfast cereal or in coffee, then enjoy a naturally low-fat milk.

Where to buy: Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market each Sunday 8.30am to 12.30pm; Origin Earth Shop, open seven days; and selected outlets around the North Island.

Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm


Available in 1L and 2L bottles.

To find out where you can buy our milk and who uses it – check out Where to Find Us.

This is where is all starts

This is where is all starts









We also offer ‘Fill your own Bottle’ – available Monday to Friday from Monday 10 September 2017

Nutritional Information
Hawke’s Bay cows’ milk

Average per 100mL serve
Energy                      277kJ
Protein                      3.6g
Fat, total                    4.0g
– saturated                2.2g
Carbohydrate             4.7g
Sodium                      41mg
Calcium                     160mg

Nutritional values vary season to season