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Origin Earth’s first Hawkes bay Farmers Market was on the 5th December 2010. Our initial offering of fresh Hawkes Bay Milk and Potset Yoghurt, took off like a train. Many customers who had not drunk milk since the bad old days of warm school milk rediscovered what milk really tastes like.

Our Potset Yoghurt, (we believe it is one of only two brands in the country), was a new taste sensation for Hawkes Bay. Being set in the very pot it is made in,  a thin layer of cream floats to the top during the setting process. This is delicious and we have been advising people to use our yoghurt as an alternative to whipped cream.

The Farmers Market on the 9th of January saw our debut into the cheese business, with pots of cows’ feta in  brine. We well underestimated the market and were sold out by about 10.30am.

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